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Policy Briefs

Informalization and re-formalization of trade institutions in Syria during the war (2011-2021)

This paper seeks to explain the contradictory dynamics of institutional de-formalization and renormalization through a dynamic model that takes into account the joint impact of war, sanctions, and government policies on institutional transformation in Syria over the period 2011-2021 with a particular focus on the trade sector. The objective of ...

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Syrian Conflict and Health Capabilities

The aim of this paper is to provide an in-depth analysis of the relating dynamics of the Syrian conflict and the public health of the Syrian population. By using a hybrid framework based on capabilities and political economy approaches, it endeavors to distinguish between three examples of overlapping policies and ...

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Syrian Crisis and Subjugating Powers

This brief defines the powers responsible of “squandering humanity” in the Syrian crisis, these powers are internal (tyranny, fanaticism, and fundamentalism), and external including organizations, networks, countries, and groups. Moreover, the brief identifies these powers’ role in suppressing the inspiration of social powers seeking civil liberties, justice, dignity, welfare, and ...

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