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Informalization and re-formalization of trade institutions in Syria during the war (2011-2021)

This paper seeks to explain the contradictory dynamics of institutional de-formalization and renormalization through a dynamic model that takes into account the joint impact of war, sanctions, and government policies on institutional transformation in Syria over the period 2011-2021 with a particular focus on the trade sector. The objective of ...

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Syrian Conflict and Health Capabilities

The aim of this paper is to provide an in-depth analysis of the relating dynamics of the Syrian conflict and the public health of the Syrian population. By using a hybrid framework based on capabilities and political economy approaches, it endeavors to distinguish between three examples of overlapping policies and ...

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Justice to Transcend Conflict

Impact of Syrian Conflict Report May 2020 This report is part of a series of reports that provide multidimensional analyses of impacts of the armed conflict in Syria during the period 2011- 2019, examining the socioeconomic situation and institutional performance of the country during this time. This report, Justice to ...

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Food Security & Conflict in Syria

To download the english version of the Report: The Syrian Center for Policy Research, an independent, non-profit research institution, launched the “Food Security and Conflict in Syria” report on Tuesday 14 May 2019 in cooperation with the Department of Environmental Health at the Faculty of Public Health Sciences in the ...

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