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Syria; Alternative Dialogues – Episode #2

#2. The political economy of militarism and neoliberalism in the Syrian conflict with Omar Dahi – Syria; Alternative Dialogues The neoliberal project was promoted globally as a realm that increases freedom that supposedly unshackles the individual from the constraints of the state. But in reality, It went from merely an ...

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Syria; Alternative Dialogues – Episode #1

#1. Securitisation of food and climate in the Syrian conflict with Dr Marwa Daoudy – Syria; Alternative Dialogues Dr Daoudy discusses her second book, which addresses the food security in Syria and the environmental repercussions of the politics of the Syrian government, which many debates were a drive for the ...

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Syria; Alternative Dialogues – Episode #0

#0. Profiling the Alternative Dialogues – Syria; Alternative Dialogues This episode discusses the objectives of the podcast, which are: making the process of producing knowledge more accessible to the Arab world and discussing the importance of investments in integrative networks & interrelations among researchers and knowledge production institutions on the ...

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