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Syria; Alternative Dialogues – Episode #2

#2. The political economy of militarism and neoliberalism in the Syrian conflict with Omar Dahi – Syria; Alternative Dialogues The neoliberal project was promoted globally as a realm that increases freedom that supposedly unshackles the individual from the constraints of the state. But in reality, It went from merely an ...

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Syria; Alternative Dialogues – Episode #1

#1. Securitisation of food and climate in the Syrian conflict with Dr Marwa Daoudy – Syria; Alternative Dialogues Dr Daoudy discusses her second book, which addresses the food security in Syria and the environmental repercussions of the politics of the Syrian government, which many debates were a drive for the ...

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Syria; Alternative Dialogues – Episode #0

#0. Profiling the Alternative Dialogues – Syria; Alternative Dialogues This episode discusses the objectives of the podcast, which are: making the process of producing knowledge more accessible to the Arab world and discussing the importance of investments in integrative networks & interrelations among researchers and knowledge production institutions on the ...

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The Energy Crisis in Syria: Reasons and Outcomes

The Syrian energy sector has been radically affected by more than ten years of conflict. A major transformation of energy policies has occurred in the last decade that has further impaired the state’s governance system and infrastructure. The destruction and damage caused to energy infrastructure alongside the imposition of international ...

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New training program on applied Social science research methods.

Syrian Center for Policy Research launched a new training program on applied Social science research methods. The training program aims to equip young Syrian, Lebanese, and Palestinian researchers with critical reading, research, and writing skills that will empower them to be active citizens, advocates, and researcher. Throughout the training program, ...

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The widespread and exponential growth of Covid-19 in “advanced” countries compared to “developing” counties contradicts the conventional literature on social determinants of health (henceforth, SHD) such as income, life expectancy, health system, governance among others. This article quantitively explores the association between cases and deaths of COVID-19 and SHD; using ...

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