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New training program on applied Social science research methods.

Syrian Center for Policy Research launched a new training program on applied Social science research methods. The training program aims to equip young Syrian, Lebanese, and Palestinian researchers with critical reading, research, and writing skills that will empower them to be active citizens, advocates, and researcher. Throughout the training program, ...

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The widespread and exponential growth of Covid-19 in “advanced” countries compared to “developing” counties contradicts the conventional literature on social determinants of health (henceforth, SHD) such as income, life expectancy, health system, governance among others. This article quantitively explores the association between cases and deaths of COVID-19 and SHD; using ...

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Justice to Transcend Conflict

Impact of Syrian Conflict Report May 2020 This report is part of a series of reports that provide multidimensional analyses of impacts of the armed conflict in Syria during the period 2011- 2019, examining the socioeconomic situation and institutional performance of the country during this time. This report, Justice to ...

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COVID-19: Global solidarity or retrenchment?

While the pandemic caused by the SARS-COV-2 has united the world in common concern it has also exposed fault lines between rich and poor countries and magnified the inequalities in the world system and structures of global power. The severity of the crisis is not only an urgent call for ...

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Know War

Knowledge Production in Times of Flight and War – Developing Common Grounds for Research in/on Syria. The war in Syria has resulted in the largest population exodus in recent global history. With more than 4.8 million officially registered refugees having fled the country and more than 6.4 million internally displaced ...

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